Candidate Biographies

Matthew Bean - Presidential Candidate
Matthew James Bean was born in a small town of New Hampshire. Wolfeboro, his home town, is the oldest summer resort in America. Matthew as a young lad was a bright character in the eyes of the community. He enjoys helping the community whether it be through coaching teams or helping out with events. Matthew, himself, works under a small business so he understand the needs of small businesses and the problems they face daily. Matthew is also the son of a small business owner so he understands what the government is doing to these small businesses and business owners. He believes that business should be able to make their own decisions, because of the many regulations he saw put onto his father and his business.
Matthew Bean is a stellar student and an avid athlete in his school district. This shows through not only his hard work on the field and off the field as well as the determination and perseverance. He will apply this to not only lead the country, but to lead a nation to success. Matthew in school has been working his way to greatness, being a strong dependable student with many plans of future education. Matt wants the most for himself and the people of the United States.
Matthew recently ran logistics of a national organization at a youth track meet that let the younger generations achieve their athletic goals. Matthew, at a young age, has started learning the ropes of how large and small businesses work and the demands that they need and deserve. He wants to make sure the government can’t control the businesses, as he wants to be the owner of one someday.  
Matthew, being the athlete that he is, understands the necessity of teamwork. When he laces his skates and steps onto the rink, he mentally prepares himself to play behind the wings blocking the blue line and stopping pucks on defense. Matthew is a part of the Defense, much like his beliefs on the National Defense of this country. A peaceful poke check will suffice to get the puck away, however, when it comes down to the time, Matthew knows how to throw a hip check, and take out the offense. His hockey career reflects his beliefs and leadership skills that can lead this nation into a new and improved government.

Siobhan Shamlian - Vice Presidential Candidate
Siobhan Ara Shamlian was born in the urban area of Newton, Massachusetts. She resided there for about 2 years until she moved in the small town of Wolfeboro to find her inner self. Siobhan is the daughter of two hard-working parents who both own their own businesses. She has learned that hard work pays off from watching her parents her whole life.
She values education and religion and went to Cornerstone Christian Academy to pursue knowledge and her interests. After 5th grade, she transferred to the Wolfeboro Elementary school where she became one with the people. Being at this school exposed her to public education and the flaws that there are within it. Siobhan then attended Kingswood Regional Middle School where she grew into the person she is now. Siobhan now attends Kingswood Regional High School. She ran for student council in 9th grade and has been the treasurer of her high school class for the past two years. This has taught her the importance of budgets and when and how to implement them. Through this position she has learned how to run important events and how to be a leader.
She climbed up the ranks of the school and became one of the most well-known and loved people among them. She has tutored younger students in math and reading. She knows that children are the next generation, and she believes that they should be even more well-educated than we are. She believes that holding schools to high standards will make America’s future even more bright. She believes in government having little involvement in schools. She believes schools should be governed through the students, teachers, administrators, and parents in the district.
She is currently writing a petition to the school board in the hopes of getting more AP classes. Siobhan is dedicated to give her fellow schoolmates a voice. Schools should be able to create their curriculum around their students’ needs, not what the government believes their students need. The government is too far withdrawn from each student to dictate what they should be learning.
She is lucky enough to be employed by a small business and values the jobs that these kind of businesses create. She believes that small businesses deserves better treatment from the government and the right to make their own decisions. She is against having all small businesses bound by the laws of the large government that does not understand them.
Siobhan learned how to dance at age three and has been ever since, showing that she has determination and perseverance. She often volunteers at her dance studio. This has allowed her to further her community and be a positive role model for younger children.

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