Our Platform

We believe in the power and opportunity of America’s free-market economy. We believe that business owners should be responsible for their own decisions. They should make regulations that promote confidence in our economy - among customers and business owners. We oppose interventionist policies that put the federal government in control of industry and allow the government to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. We think winners and losers should be determined by the hard work that business owners put in, not the laws that the federal government puts in place. We believe that government is too big to solve problems with small businesses. We support businesses creating jobs without being held back by the government.

National Defense
We believe that the US military is unparalleled in terms of strength and will be for many years to come. While the US remains the sole superpower in the world, it will have to deal with the rise of more regional powers like China, Russia, the Middle east, and Africa.  We must have peaceful solutions based on cooperation, trade, and combating terrorism.  We believe that although peaceful solutions are always preferred, the presence of the US military and its allies are necessary for persecution of those that break international law and standards.  We believe that a strong Nuclear Arsenal is necessary in a world where International politics are more complex with the collapse of the Soviet states and rise of Foreign economies.

Health Care
We support quality healthcare that stresses patient care and satisfaction opposed to cost.  The free-market system can be applied to areas such as medications and surgeries where the patient has options to pick from. However, the emergency-room care has resulted in inflated costs and is forcing many families into bankruptcy. We support a simpler version of the Affordable care act that has an-opt out for people that are happy with their insurance.  

Tax Reform
We support a simpler tax code that stops subsidizing industries that are very profitable already and continuing tax breaks that incentivize increasing energy efficiency.  We support a flat tax-rate on all Americans. This will end loopholes for businesses and lowering the corporate tax rate which is currently among the highest in the world.

We believe in energy independence. We support an “all of the above” approach that encourages the responsible production of nuclear power, clean coal, solar, wind, geothermal, hydro-power, as well as drilling for oil and natural gas in an environmentally responsible way. We oppose the so-called cap and trade legislation that would impose a national energy tax on families and small businesses. This cap would kill jobs and raise utility prices. This legislation encourages businesses to lie and cheat rather than to switch to renewable fuels.

We believe that maintaining a world-class system of primary and secondary education with high standards in which all students can reach their potential is critically important to America’s future. We support giving the next generation the best education possible. They are the future, and they need to be smarter than us so they can make the right decisions. We believe parents should be empowered to send their children to the school of their choice.

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