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Presidential Speech

Freedom means many different things, no one definition is correct.  The idea of freedom has been used for justification of slavery and abolition of it.  Freedom has been used to justify lower taxes and government programs.  Only one thing has remained consistent, America stands for freedom.  This is something that makes this country great, despite the differing views and ideas we always promote an ideal that is of the noblest cause.  Americans, our freedom is under attack.  Not by a foreign power or a terrorist organization, but by our fellow Americans.  These Americans believe that they are acting in the interests of the people, but a solution that restricts freedom is a solution that America is opposed to!
One of the most malicious parts of american politics is the money.  This money changes honest people to shills and your voice is muffled by the piles of freshly-printed bills.  I am not naive enough to believe that I can change this system overnight.  As long as the Government makes laws, people will try to influence them.  I will work with these interests to help Americans, I will work with some of these interests to help Americans, and I will work against these interests to help Americans.  However these special interest groups fog the idea that is democracy.  The way to end the use of money is through regulation and keeping government transparent and simple.
America is unchallenged in terms of military strength, our country and people sleep safely at night without the fears that much of the world has.  We cannot afford to be involved in the affairs of every country, we also cannot deny the impact that these other countries have on the US citizen’s lives.  Despite our desire to exist in our own separate bubble These United States of America cannot deny the course of World History.  We cannot deny the world.  Despite our desire to be the peaceful giant among nations, we must realize that we are instrumental in keeping world peace.  In the near future, the US will no longer be a giant among dwarfs in its role of sole world leader.  This is a fact we must not meet with bombs and bullets, but in cooperation and trade.
In conclusion, I ask for your vote, not because I can stick to my guns when questioned, but that I can change my mind.  I have only one campaign promise, that I will respond to one voice, yours.  The voices of the American people are who I will listen to.  I want this office to remove it from the politics of two parties and restore it to the people.
I’m Matt Bean, I’m running your president and I want your vote.

Vice Presidential Speech
This country was built on the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence never said that the government must enforce laws until you reach these. The Declaration of Independence said that this was a pursuit. This is a pursuit that one must find within one’s self. This is what a person strives for. A person strives to obtain these with as little help as possible. That is what the government should be. The government should be that little help in the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government should not be the chains that hold back a person when they can see those things and not yet grasp them. Freedom is the principal that my party is based off of. Frederick Douglass once said, “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.” The Republicans say that laws should only be put in place in order to reach these goals that every person in this country wants.
There is endless opportunity built in to America’s free-market economy. Economic policies should only put in to help businesses become as successful as they can be. The rest is up to them. The harder the business owners work, the more successful they will be. We support businesses creating jobs without being held back by the government. The government is too big to understand the problems of small businesses. Working for a small, local business, I understand their problems. I know what they need. They do not need another policy or law restricting that noose around their next even further. What these businesses need are tax breaks. They need to be rewarded for employing Americans opposed to cheap labor overseas. The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Since the US imposes such a high tax burden on corporations, they cannot expand. They cannot hire new workers. They cannot flourish. The government is holding them back. If we simplify the tax code, lowering corporate tax rates and closing loopholes, businesses will be able to grow.
The tax rates are also too high on individuals. The higher the tax rate, the more productivity declines. Government tax revenue does not necessarily increase as the tax rate increases either. The higher the tax rate, the higher the disincentives. There is a peak tax rate where government can make the most money to get out of debt.  We also want to lower interest rates so more people can buy a home, furthering the growth of the economy. We also wish to repeal the death tax, lessening the burden on families who already have enough emotional burdens.
Education is another issue that I feel very strongly about. I am lucky enough to have grown up in a small town with a strong public school system. Being at this school has given me the opportunity to run for student government. I have been the treasurer of my class for the past two years. From this, I have learned the proper way to run and keep a budget, and I will bring this skill to my position.
Being in such a small school, I have seen the government’s direct impact on the public school system. Because of the Common Core, every student must be proficient. Because the elementary school was deemed “A School in Need of Improvement”, the students now have to suffer through almost two hours a day of math in order to improve their test scores. This is not succeeding in improving test scores, it is only making the students hate math even more. The test score of the US are dropping more and more every year. Now, we are below average in math and 17th of the 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries.
Some may blame our schools being behind on them being underfunded, but this is a complete fallacy. The US ranks 5th in spending per student. The US spends $115,00 per student compared to the Slovak Republic who spends $53,000 and has similar test scores. The US government has been putting in policies that seem in theory like they would further the education system, but these policies in practice are holding our students back. Students should not be regulated by a large government. The large government does not understand that teaching every 1st grader the same thing at the same time as with the Common Core will not make the first grader do better on future standardized tests. The government does not understand that the way to help that first grader grow is to leave it up to parents, administrators, and state governments to nurture that child until he or she has a love of math and reading. We understand this.
We believe that the government cannot enforce laws so that every citizen reaches the common goals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Heightening laws will just create more barriers in climbing that mountain to the American dream. With a small government, Americans will be able to reach that goal. Simplifying tax codes for individuals and businesses will allow people to reach this goal. Reducing the regulations on schools will allow children to reach this goal. Voting for Bean and Shamlian will help you to reach this goal.

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